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Quarterly and
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Chronolytics uses high-resolution data to create consumer insights and shows which trends influence purchasing behavior in the luxury watch market.

This market data is being generated by real watch consumers and will give you spot-on information on (for example) trends and search rankings. Chronolytics refrains from using data from search engines like Google, as we believe this data is not reliable and factual enough to give you an insight into the market interest and demand of watch consumers.

With over 90.000 watches for sale every day and 3 million unique visitors per month from all over the world, we know exactly what they are looking for, in which price ranges they are searching, which brands and models they are comparing and where they're located in the world. Also, with hundreds of watch dealers offering their goods, we know exactly what kind of discounts are given on new watches (grey market) and what prices are being asked for pre-owned and vintage watches (and how they compare to previous years).

Chronolytics is using the latest technology in business intelligence to process these large amounts of data and create a logical and reliable data model for our reports.

By using our Chronolytics reports, you will be on top of how your brand and products are being perceived in the market and better yet, you will have a perfect insight in how your competion is doing in the luxury watch market. This will enable you to act accordingly and effectuate your marketing process. Our data will also enable you to measure the effect of your marketing campaigns, per country or - if you want - global.

Our reports are easy to interpret and understand which makes them also easy to share with others during business meetings or to use for your own management information reporting. Understandable charts, diagrams and other illustrations are being used to give you as much information as possible about the demand for luxury watches.

We currently have two types of reports, the Chronolytics Quarterly and Chronolytics Individual. Below you will find an overview of these products.



Chronolytics Quarterly tracks the most important trends in the luxury watch market, gives valuable insight into consumer demands and information about your competition.


Brand and model interest.
Get insight into the most sought-after watch brands and models by consumers. Which brands are doing particularly well and which brands are losing popularity? Use Chronolytics Quarterly to keep track of the popularity of brands and models amongst consumers, worldwide but also per region or country. Every three months, Chronolytics reports an extensive list with brands and models in order to show you more than just the usual suspects.


Consumer’s demand.
Find out what consumers are looking for in a wristwatch. Gain market interest and identify trends when they arise instead of being a slow follower of trends. With Chronolytics Quarterly reports you will be well informed about the consumer demands in the luxury watch market and its upcoming trends. Chronolytics tracks everything from popular watch case materials and dimensions to consumer’s favorite technical complications.

Chronolytics monitors the consumer market for you. What’s the average price of a watch that consumers have been looking for? What are the most popular price categories? The Chronolytics Quarterly gives you an overview per region.

Four times a year, Chronolytics Quarterly gives you an update about the luxury watch market interest and the movements that take place amongst watch consumers. Valuable insights that will help you take the right decisions in the field of marketing and product development.



With Chronolytics Individual we take things one step further and zoom into your own brand and your competition.


Positioning of your brand.
Know your position that of your direct competitors. We create a quarterly overview for you per country, of both supply and demand of watches. It will help you taking the right decisions and measures of improvement wherever necessary.


Consumer’s behaviour.
What are the most searched for models of your brand and to what other brands and models have consumers compared them? We know. Do you? Stay ahead of your competition by using Chronolytics Individual reports.


Price analysis.
A drill down of your brand’s models and their market prices. Chronolytics is able to show you the average market prices of watch models of your brand, both for new and pre-owned watches. For example, you will be able to recognize trends as price increases for pre-owned (including vintage) watches.


Grey market supply and demand.
Chronolytics keeps track of the grey market for you. We give you a perfect insight in the countries and regions with the highest demand of grey market watches. Stay in control of what’s happening and monitor the grey market closely using our Chronolytics Individual reports.

Chronolytics is offering the Individual reports every quarter and besides a pre-defined number of components, it can be made-to-measure your specific demand for market information.

All reports are available separately and on subscription basis. Use the contact details to get in touch with Chronolytics and register for our free monthly briefing.