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Watch Brands Of High Value

Forbes conducted an interview with Tim Stracke (CEO of Chrono24) about the watch brands and models of high value

The interview was done by Ariel Adams (aBlogToWatch) for Forbes and he asked Tim Stracke about the high value brands on the market, but also whether certain brands and models will retain their value.

As shown in the picture, where Chronolytics supplied the Top 10 overview of the brands that received most interest by watch consumers, you can see that the Top 10 brands take up to almost 60% of the total interest. We could say that these brands, and particularly Rolex (with 21.16%), are brands of high value. These brands dominate the watch market. Especially when you take into account that these numbers are based on approx. 40 million monthly page impressions on the Chrono24 website. However, the other +/- 40% is to be spread over all other watch brands that are being offered on Chrono24 (over 450 different brands).

During the interview, Forbes also asks Tim Stracke about particular watches that will retain their value. Most watch buyers do not buy watches to sell them again in the future, unlike – for example – people who buy cars. However, it seems that watch consumers (just like car consumers) are interested in the resell value of a watch nevertheless.

Chronolytics publishes overviews that show the most popular brands and models. The article uses a Top 50 Most Popular Models overview we published over Q2 2012. In this Top 50 overview, you will recognize some of the (iconic) watches that will retain value (over time or as soon as they are being introduced e.g. Rolex sportsmodels, Patek Philippe Nautilus).

The trick is (for collectors), to identify today’s watches that will be tomorrow’s classics. Using our market data of the watch market, we are able to see trends amongst watch consumers and whether interest in a certain watch brand or model has been increasing.

Click here for the Forbes interview