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Getting ‘insight’ the consumer

With the ever-growing interest in watches (Swatch Group nett sales of 2011 increased with 10.7% compared to 2010 and Richemont Group’s Specialist Watchmaker sales went from 1353 million Euro in 2010 to 1774 million Euro in 2011) the demand for watches seem to be higher than ever.

On the 1st of March we (Ebner publishers, Chrono24 and Robert-Jan Broer) started Chronolytics after we discovered that there is no real source of information that is so dedicated to watches as ours.

With Chronolytics, we want – and are able – to give the watch manufacturers and groups an insight into the demand that watch consumers have. Detailed demands, not only Top 25 lists of popular brands and models, but also what characteristics people have been looking for specifically. Materials used for watches that are in demand right now, or a certain complication or a certain price range.

We bring information that is hard or even impossible to gather from other sources than a specific database on watches and visitor information. Google for Cartier and you will also find a bakery with that name, google for Omega and…. you catch my drift. A source like that does not give you any specifics on watches, just key words that can mean anything and that can bring you anywhere, not necessarily to information about watches.

We want to give you a view into the head and mindset of the watch consumer before he buys a watch because you already have your sales numbers at the end of every period. To what other watches did he compare a Rolex Submariner for instance? What were the most important aspects and arguments when looking for a new or pre-owned watch? In what price range was he looking? Is he willing to buy from a grey market dealer or does he only look for authorized dealers? Has the Hublot marketing campaign during the championship soccer games been succesful in terms of demand for Hublot watches? (he can be replaced by she)

Anyway, you are able to read all about Chronolytics and our products on our website. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or comments.