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End of the Year - Lists!

At the end of each year, we are all being treated with lists. Whether these are the lists of Christmas presents for your family and loved ones, Top 2000 songs on the radio, lists of most sold cars et cetera, we get to see lists everywhere in December.

If you are working in the watch industry, watch media or being a watch enthusiast, you probably love to see the lists of watch brands and models. In (almost) every newsletter, Chronolytics covers a list of watch brands from a certain country or region.

Based on the search and click behavior from millions of watch consumers world wide, Chronolytics is able to show you the brand awareness amongst these consumers with regards to watches. If you already are a subscriber to our newsletters, you probably have noticed that the brand awareness can differ per country.

In our latest newsletter, we showed the Top 20 of watch brands in Europe and the USA, measured over Q3 2013. We also compared it to the Top 20 lists of Q3 2012 and noticed a number of differences. Of course, the top 3 are the usual suspects but after that, nothing is certain anymore. Taste changes, new models that have been introduced influences these lists and perhaps even (increased) pricing has something to do with it.

For our clients, it doesn’t stop here. We are able to monitor and track a brand during the last few years and see whether there is growth or decline in over 50 different countries and in specific price ranges. A watch consumer that looks for a luxury watch of 2000 Euro is different than a consumer that is in the market for a 10.000 Euro watch. To give the best and most representative insights, it is necessary to use segmentation.

To measure the temperature of your brand amongst watch consumers will give you new and useful insights on your brand, from a consumer perspective. You don’t need to execute complex and time consuming surveys, you can just subscribe to our service and let us do the work for you, measured over millions of watch consumers with the level of detail you need.

If you want to have more information about ‘brand awareness’ or other type of consumer insights we are able to deliver, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you haven’t done so already, you can subscribe to our free newsletter in the right pane of this page.

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