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Chrono24 Live 2014

On Friday the 17th of October, Chrono24 will hold their conference in the hotel „Westin Grand Munich“ in Munich, Germany. Chronolytics will be there as well, to give the attendees some useful insights into watch consumers.

The Chrono24 Live 2014 event welcomes all watch dealers, collectors, partners and media to join the conference, meet-up and Bavarian party (in the evening).

Chronolytics will be one of the speakers during the conference in the afternoon (amongst Ben Clymer from Hodinkee, Dominik Grau from WatchTime, Dr. Oliver Hoffmann from Auctionata, Thomas Steinemann from DuBois et Fils and Jens Gerlach from Ebner Verlag (Chronos, Uhren Magazine, WatchTime).

Topic of discussion will be “Is Rolex still KING?”. You might be able to guess the answer already, but it allows us to show how our data mining works, what type of information we have and whether Rolex is king in all countries and price segments.

We will publish some parts of the presentation afterwards on our website.

Information on the Chrono24 Live 2014 event can be found here. Tickets to the conference can be bought here.

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